Tenby in the rain – still very pretty….

As predicted a wettish night and morning – though we didn’t get the strong winds (fortunately) and the showers during the day were quite light so didn’t put us off! Today we decided to brave the crowds and head for Tenby. After finding parking on the outskirts of town we followed a footpath down, through a holiday park to join the coastal path, as it ran alongside a railway track into Tenby. The path was set back behind the dunes that run along the back of South Beach and the very dry looking Golf Course, so we didn’t get any look at the beach until we were in Tenby and then – well look!

Miles and miles of sand and I’m sure because of access, the middle section is probably very under visited! And then just tucked onto the end of South Beach is Castle Beach, another sandy beauty.

Up above the Castle Beach the footpath rambles through part of the old town, little windy streets with pretty painted terraces all festooned with flowers.

Busy with like minded tourists, all the street cafes and pubs overflowing with happy visitors (we are very good at handling rubbish days when on holiday – don’t you think?) as we wind our way up through the ivy covered ruins of the old Castle to the lookout Tower.

Also up here keeping a wise eye on the town is the 150 year old marble statue of Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert.

From this high point you get a glimpse of First Point and Second Point and their sandy little coves, only accessible from North Beach at low tide and just to the far right the entrance to Waterwynch Beach that we visited yesterday.

The sandy North Beach is pretty expansive too, with its busy little harbour full of boats (mindyou only useful at high tide!) and more painted terraces above.

A little glimpse of the beach beyond the castle ruins.

Another wander through the town just as the sea mist swirled in to keep us company on our way back.

Lovely day!

Two thoughts of the day:

Would be nice to visit Tenby on a sunny midweek day in June or September don’t you think?

A good day for Dinosaur World and the like.

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