Waterwynch Bay a pretty little sandy cove…..

Well, rather a wet and wild night, with some heavy thundery showers throughout the morning, gradually lessening as the day progressed and so we only got showered on twice during our afternoon walk, neither of which lasting too long! We parked up in a little place called New Bridges and walked down the access lane to the Waterwynch Estate, through quite dense woodland towards the bottom and then suddenly out into the open with this

A pretty little pebbly cove, with plenty of sand at lower tides. I shouldn’t imagine it gets visited much apart from by the families staying on the Estate, so would be a real find in June or September. If you were lucky enough to be staying on this rather exclusive estate and the weather is fine, what more would you need?

We stayed awhile, before rejoining the coastal path for a steep hike up onto the cliff tops, headed in the direction of Saundersfoot (east) intending to see Brownslade Bay, the next cove along, but alas this bit of shoreline is so covered with trees that we could not even catch a glimpse of the cove and it must only be accessible, if at all, at low tide from Waterwynch. Poppydog had a good run around chasing a family of house martins dive bombing the freshly mown fields up on the top.

As the weather seemed to be clearing, we decided to carry on along the coastal path and in places enjoying stunning views of Tenby and beyond – how lovely it looks all pretty pastel painted cottages!

The sea also took on new life as the sun peered out from behind the clouds, with the brisk wind creating fast moving shadows across the sea.

After we had climbed all the way down and back up the other side of Lodge Valley (lots and lots of steps!), through a break in the trees we could see Monkstone Beach just about basking in the sun.

From here we turned inland across Trevayne and eventually along the lanes back to the car.

Two thoughts of the day:

Sat Nav is contributing to the distribution of traffic by sending us all in every direction, often down roads we would not dream of taking! Is this a good thing?

The short sharp heavy showers we had during the night are quite deafening in a caravan – no chance of sleeping through!!!

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