Marros Sands but hey don’t tell anyone where it is!….

Lovely and sunny all day, just a few clouds around to add depth to the photos! Today we planned to find Marros Sands which was just a hill or two too far yesterday and parked up in the hamlet of Marros in a little car park (free) by the church.

We followed an access lane (no signs just following Mr OS) for about a mile and a half down hill (gentle to start with and then increasingly steep – note for way back!), which almost seemed to come to a dead end at the house at the bottom, but there to the right, very overgrown was a footpath.

A few short steps along the path and wow!

About a mile of stone backed sandy beach, almost to ourselves (I counted 6 other people and 2 dogs in the time we were there!) with a vibrant stream appearing through the stones- great for Poppydog to cool down in and get a drink!

We took a leisurely walk along the beach, detouring around all the birds basking in the sun (didn’t think it was fair for Poppydog to send them all flying!).

Before settling on a little sandy patch, surrounded by Poppydog sized stones to enjoy the sun.

Inbetween throwing stones for Poppydog (it seems to be the only way to keep her quiet and entertained!), I was able to use the binoculars to pick out a small group of Cormorants basking in the sun and randomly a family of Canadian Geese in amongst all the gulls further down the beach.

A fine way to spend the afternoon, I think you’ll agree? Now just the small matter of walking back up the hill!

Two thoughts of the day:

I really can’t think of any beach in Cornwall that would have been as quiet as this one today, no matter how off the beaten track!

Will Poppydog ever settle on the beach?

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