Pendine Sands and all the way up and over to Ragwen…

Cloudyish start to the day but the sun soon won through and the rest of the day was beautiful. Today we decided to visit Pendine, which is actually in Carmarthenshire, and is the next beach round from where we left off from our stay at Pembrey. Pendine is a huge long stretch of sandy beach, much of it backed by dunes and closed off to the public for military use.

There is a large holiday park down by the beach and plenty of cafes along the front and I would guess that the small section of beach in use would get pretty packed.

Still it was hot so we walked down to the sea for a paddle before playing with the stones at the furthest public bit of the beach and looking longingly at the miles of empty beach!!

Bracing ourselves we set off for the long steep climb up to Gilman Point, stopping on the way up to take photos of the lovely beach from above – oh and to catch our breath!

From Gilman Point the views were well worth the long climb, both back along the beach and around towards Amroth and Caldey Island in the distance.

After awhile we started our descent to Ragwen Cove, a small stone backed sandy beach where we treated ourselves to a dip and a paddle before making our gradual climb back up to the village where we left the car.

Two thoughts of the day:

The lanes are still quite quiet which is good because they are mostly single track – are we going to get away with it?

The peacefulness of this site is fab! Might see if I can stay here rather than brave a full Caravan Club one with lots of little people!

3 thoughts on “Pendine Sands and all the way up and over to Ragwen…

  1. Wow – I would love to visit Pendine Sands, although I don’t think that it is always as tranquil as you found it!
    I have heard of Pendine because it has a history of speed. It was used by Malcolm Campbell in the original ‘Bluebird’ to set the land speed record at 124mph in 1924 – a feat re-created by his grandson in 2015 in the restored, original Bluebird for the 90th anniversary!
    One of my heroines, Amy Johnson took of from Pendine in a Dragon Rapide (fabulous aeroplane!) to fly non-stop to New York. I think that there is now an annual Hot Rod race on the beach and Guy Martin, more of a motorcycle and big engine guy, broke a UK speed record on a bicycle at 112.9moh by slipstreaming a truck! Idris Elba broke Malcolm Campbell’s ‘flying mile’ in a Bentley Continental and best of all, a motorised shed hit 101mph to break its own speed record. I would have LOVED to see that!


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