Colby Woodland walk to Amroth….

Mostly cloudy day today with a tiny bit of mizzle in the air this morning but still lovely and warm. We drove a few miles to the NT Colby Woodland Gardens and wandered down through the woodland to Amroth.

Amroth is a small village, mostly holiday lets and pubs/cafes running along the beach front – oh yes and free car parks! The beach is stony at the back and then as the tide recedes it is sandy – not the prettiest we’ve seen.

We wandered along the rather plain concrete promenade to the far end where dogs are allowed on the beach and Poppydog happily chased stones.

Following the promenade back to the other end we came upon this rather glorious sculpture mostly made from recycled plastic bottles.

On the way back we explored further the woodland gardens which were quite beautiful in a very wild sort of way!

Poppydog was totally entranced with the swallows dive bombing the long grassy areas – toyed with the idea of letting her have some freedom but figured we might get asked to leave! So instead took her for a swim in the brook before heading back to site.

Two thoughts of the day:

Worked out what the rustling and munching noise behind the hedge bordering the caravan last night was – sheep having their supper!

Got a better shot of the begonias this morning on our walk – very showy! Oh yes and this sign made me smile.

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