Another wander around St David’s…..

Mostly cloudy day today, still warm and dry, though obviously some rain had fallen during the night – which is fine with us! With washing out on the line and a little bit of pre-packing done we set off for a mooch around St David’s. It was quite a bit busier than I have seen it before as we are now into the madness of the school holidays but very pleasant all the same. The Cathedral as splendid as before, though open this time, dogs were not permitted so we just wandered around the grounds.

Down to the Bishop’s Palace for Poppydog to have a play in the little stream.

Caught these stunning daisies as a feature against the ancient stone wall of the Palace.

Back up through Tower Gate House and past this pretty cottage with its red painted window frames.

And then wandering through the back streets we came across this – now seriously why would you paint your house fluorescent orange?

Two thoughts of the day:

Well our time here in this part of Pembrokeshire is over and what an absolute delight it has been – if ever you want a break from Cornwall – this is the place to come.

Have I said how much sky there is here? It is massive and stretches as far as the eye can see – broken only by the odd tree and Carn Llidi.

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