A bit of a spring clean and off to Porthmelgan….

A beautiful sun shiny day, all day. Thought it was about time, so shook, hoovered, aired everything that could be and de-sanded and de-grassed every thing else! Of course this involved quite a bit of sitting in the sunshine to plan, contemplate and consider on my part and skipping in and out of the van, around the steadies and rolling around on the freshly hoovered rugs on Poppydog’s part! As a well deserved year we walked to Porthmelgan.

Having left it a bit later the tide had gone out enough to reveal this lovely sandy beach and we spent a lovely couple of hours paddling, chasing stones and following the tide out. The water is so warm and clear.

I make no apology for just OD-ing on the beauty.

Two thoughts of the day:

Each county we have visited in Wales has just got better and better – can it carry on?

The views from above are just breathtaking.

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