Abermawr to Pwllcochran…

Cloudy start to the day, but as per the last couple of days, the cloud gradually disappearing in the early afternoon. Today we were determined to not overshoot our destination and found a lay-by to park in about a mile above Abermawr. It was a pleasant walk along a leafy lane bringing you out just above the coastal path at Abermawr.

The tides were against us to make the best of this beach, which is sandy at low tide, but as we all know Poppydog prefers them to be stony- however we are on a mission today so she had to make do with short play, before we moved on. Just around a smallish headland is Aber-bach another stony beach, which also is apparently sandy at low tide.

We continued along the coastal path which was bordered by purple flowering heather and other pretty flowers as the terrain becomes increasingly rugged.

Past Porth Dwgan with its arch.

The cliffs are quite high along this stretch of the coast with most inlets unreachable but in the places where you can safely look almost straight down, quite breathtaking.

After a few more ups and downs we reached the large inlet of Pwllcochran, you can access this beach as the tide recedes but it is quite a clamber down, especially the last bit, aided by a rope – so we gave it a miss, much to Poppydog’s displeasure!

We contented ourselves with a sit up on the top and enjoyed the sun and far reaching views for about 10 minutes (Poppydog’s boredom threshold!) before taking a path inland, to complete our circular route.

Across the fields we came upon this infinity pool in the middle of nowhere so Poppydog enjoyed a good cooling swim and drink before we continued on our way.

Eventually the footpath lead us back to a lane off which some distance further along we had parked. The lane occasionally opened up some spectacular distant sea views.

Two thoughts of the day:

It is a shame when you know that you are not able to view a beach at its best – but hey ho I really do not have any grounds to complain!

There are still very few people around on these more remote excursions of ours.

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