A Marine Walk along the coast of Fishguard…..

A mostly cloudy day today, still warm and thankfully dry. Well Fishguard was not our original plan, but we overshot so Fishguard it was.

To be fair as you know we are not into towns so I cannot comment on Fishguard itself, however the park was all free so that is one very big positive. The large harbour has a smallish strip of stony beach, very pleasant, quiet and Poppydog friendly (there is a ban on part of the beach) but as the tide receded it just revealed very seaweedy stones so not a place for swimming! There is a very nice Marine Walk taking you along the coastline.

With lovely views out to the harbour wall and beyond.

The Ferry to Rosslare operates from here and we were lucky enough to be able to watch one on its way (we will hopefully be taking this Ferry in a few years time as we intend to explore the Irish coastline on our travels).

As you continue along the path you are totally unaware of any noise from the town perched up on the top behind you and as you venture around Saddle point you get the first glimpse of the old Quay at Lower Town.

A pretty little village of painted cottages gathered around the sheltered Quay.

We took a break here as the sun started to break through, Poppydog playing in the stream and me just enjoying a cup of tea and the tranquility of the place, before heading back the way we came.

Not a long walk but a very pleasant one, punctuated by some Poppydog time on the main beach before heading back to site.

Two thoughts of the day:

I hope we will continue to find peace and tranquility during the school holidays!

The site is emptying fast as all those that avoid the school holidays scuttle off home – let’s hope my plans of hiding away in small sites works!

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