Abercastle but for once there wasn’t one!….

It was actually raining when we got up today! What is that about? It did however stop around lunchtime by which time we were on our way to Abercastle, a little fishing village, with a small NT car park for about 6 cars and not a lot else.

As you can see it was still quite damp and misty, but we stuck with it – though no dip for Poppydog as the harbour looked pretty muddy! Up the coastal path we went, finding a little stony beach around the first corner, ideal for Poppydog to have a run around.

On we walked towards Porthgain, the weather gradually improving all the while and as ever the seascapes, with the protruding shards of rock offering a dramatic link to the sea way below.

In the rising mist the white cairn of Porthgain could just been seen in the distance (though not visible on the photo).

Before reaching Porthgain we took a footpath inland across ripe barley fields and some wheat field still showing a whole spectrum of colours before being ready to harvest.

We then cut back out towards the coastal path to take a look at Carreg Samson, a 5000 year old burial chamber excavated in 1996 – amazing!

From here we clambered back down to the coastal path and after a little play on the beach we returned to brilliant sunshine on site!

Two thoughts of the day:

There is no doubt that bright blue skies and deep blue seas make for better photos.

Have decided that the South Pembrokeshire Coast will have to wait for a re-run – it is all too beautiful to rush!

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