A walk from St David’s to St Non’s and Porth Clais….

A mostly cloudy day today, but still very warm with a pleasant coastal breeze. We had missed a little section of the coastal path in this area, so, as to not travel too far, we parked up in a residential area of St David’s and took the footpath across fields to join the coastal path just before St Non’s Bay. On the way we passed the St Non’s Retreat and Chapel, with spectacular uninterrupted views of the sea.

These were both couple constructed in modern times but overlook the site of the original St Non’s Chapel, that was built on the site of the little house that St Non gave birth to St David in about 500AD (a very long time ago!).

The well, that allegedly sits on the site of an ancient spring that sprung on the day St David was born is close by along with a shrine to St Non’s.

The well waters are supposed to have ‘restoring powers for infirmities’ – well time will tell as Poppydog jumped in for a little cool down on the way past!

St Non’s Bay is not accessible but dramatic non the less with this natural arch being covered at high tide.

We continued along the coastal path, found a suitable spot to sit for awhile and just enjoy the views and absolute peace (my kind of retreat!).

Further along we came upon Porth Ffynnon a little sandy cove only accessible by sea or extreme rock climbing!

From there it was a short hop around the headland down into Porth Clais and a much needed cool down for Poppydog before we made the return hike along an inland footpath across fields.

Two thoughts of the day:

Though not by any means a religious experience, I guess I am on a kind of retreat?

Watching those grasses gently waving in the breeze whilst sat at the edge of the coastal path, just reminded me of how much beauty there is around us and how lucky I am to have the time to enjoy it!

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