Porthgain to Abereiddy and amazing blue seas….

Another beautiful day in paradise – this really is how summer should be! We drove to Abereiddy intending to walk along the coastal path to Porthgain, however, I’m afraid, I refuse to pay £4 to park the car in an overflow car park (field!) way up the hill above Abereiddy, so we carried on to Porthgain and parked for free! Oh yes!

Porthgain is a pretty little harbour side village, buzzing with life on this beautiful day with plenty of alfresco dining places all looking pretty full, several art galleries and of course a couple of ice cream shops – well worth a visit if you are in the area. From the harbour we climbed up to the coastal path.

With views across the harbour to the north at the freshly painted Cairn.

Up on the top we followed the path past some spectacular seascapes and look at the colour of the sea!

The architectural beauty of this natural archway and this carpet of flowering thistles.

And then beneath us the stunning beach of Traeth Llyfn.

Further along we came upon the Bluepool, a disused quarry, which is deep enough even at low tides for those mad enough to use the natural platforms and ruins of the quarry works to jump into the water from great heights.

We watched the jumpers for awhile and then continued on to Abereiddy beach, a sheltered cove of shingle and sand with easy access for launching kayaks and from where coasteering can be experienced.

From here we turned back towards Porthgain for a much needed cold drink and sit in the shade, to cool down a bit before heading back to site.

Two thoughts of the day:

Many of the nicest beaches we have seen have been those that are only accessible by walking along the coastal path.

Why would you jump from a great height into a pool, even when you know it is so deep that there is no chance of reaching the bottom?

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