The Havens a trio of delight….

Another cloudy start to the day, but the sun won through by about lunchtime, by which time we were in our way to a quick visit to Broad Haven.

A lovely sandy beach (no dry sand so I guess, no high tide beach, as with many of the beaches along this stretch), probably busy in the summer as quite built up around but Broad Haven looks to be a nice resort. After a stroll along the front we headed back northwards along the very narrow road that follows the coast to Druidston. There is parking for about 10 cars along the side of the road around the valley leading to Druidston Haven and wow – what a beauty!

A beautiful sandy cove, pretty waterfalls down the rock face, little piles of stones in the most tucked away inlets and crystal clear, warm turquoise seas.

This beach is quite remote, with no houses around and just a small hotel up on the cliff top, however a few other people had found this beach but there was plenty of beach to go around and we spent a lovely few hours enjoying it.

A couple of miles further down the road, we popped down onto Norton Haven, another pretty mostly sandy cove with lovely warm welcoming waters. The beach was a bit busier as there was a car park, a few houses and cafes but lovely and warm.

Another lovely day!

Two thoughts of the day:

I wonder how busy these small little remote beaches get?

Still a lot of beaches to explore here in Pembrokeshire- do I whizz around those in south Pembrokeshire or save them for a return visit? Hmm!

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