Newgale Sands watching the tide come in….

Breezy and cloudy start to the day, it actually felt a little chilly! Unperturbed we layered up and made an early start with a short drive to Newgale, found a large lay-by on the main road to park in, by which time the sun was out to stay and I was overdressed!

We wandered across the moorland down to the beach, which is sandy, backed by a stony ridge of sea defences and goes on and on!

The middle of the beach is subject to a summer dog ban but the still left us plenty to enjoy and of course there was a plentiful supple if Poppydog sized pebbles got her to chase, bury, dig up and whatever else!

The water was lovely and warmish (let’s be honest the sea is never warm!) as it had been heated by the sun across the shallows as we paddled along the beach. As the tide came in we took a walk along the back of the beach before heading back to camp.

Two thoughts of the day:

If you had a bike and weren’t squeamish about cycling along the narrow lanes you would not need a car to enjoy a holiday here.

To be fair if you weren’t trying to visit every beach you wouldn’t need a car or a bike!!

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