Porth Clais and Porthlysgi Bay….

Another stunning day, so off to the NT car park at Porth Clais we went. Porth Clais is a pretty long narrow natural harbour, today with crystal clear blue waters.

After a quick dip for Poppydog we ventured up the coastal path, heading north and were immediately blessed with stunning views along the coastline.

Out to sea this area is scattered with islands and rocky outcrops, adding to the beauty of this glittery seascape.

Along the path there were many opportunities to look down the rock face into the deep blue sea and on one such rock face we spotted somebody enjoying their solitude behind a huge pink umbrella!

Around a couple of headlands, the footpath started to wind its way down as we neared Porthlysgi Bay.

Here we took a break on the mostly stoney beach, enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun and a cooling paddle before making the return journey.

On our way back, a family were enjoying jumping off the harbour wall at Porth Clais into the clear sea – I’m not in the slightest bit brave, but it did look appealing – ah well we’ll make do with another paddle from the slip!

Two thoughts of the day:

All the beaches we have visited since arriving at this site, are within walking distance of St David’s (max 2 miles) – another reason why St David’s gets my vote as the best city!

Surprised not to see more kayaking around these pretty little coves and islands.

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