St David’s – our kind of city….

A heavy sea mist this morning, I couldn’t even see the out line of Carn Llidi but by 9 she was back and another scorcher was here for the rest of the day. Carn Llidi at 10pm!

For a change, we took a couple of short dog walks from site today and then headed into St David’s for the evening. As I have said St David’s is. I more than a large village in size but how lovely!

Pretty little painted cottages, a few shops (the only high street shops I saw were Fatface and Moshulu!), lots of pubs, cafes and galleries around a pretty square. The city was still busy in the early evening sunshine, with all pub gardens doing a roaring trade – the football no doubt contributing to the atmosphere.

With the magnificent Cathedral standing proud just below the Main Street and the sea visible in the distance.

A pretty walk around the Cathedral leads you to the ruins of the Bishop’s Palace beyond.

A set of pretty ornate gates stand in front of the Palace, though the position of the bright sun hampered a better shot.

A stream running through the grounds gave Poppydog a chance to cool down!

Before taking a last look at the Cathedral and getting some fish and chips to take home for tea!

Two thoughts of the day:

I didn’t need to watch the football to know the result, as two lots of cheers from around the site told me the score!

Wandering around in the sun of an evening is not something we are very accustomed to but oh how lovely!

3 thoughts on “St David’s – our kind of city….

  1. How wonderful (and unusual!) to have sunshine in Wales! It is such a beautiful country and Pembrokeshire is a jewel. I have never been to St David’s, you make me want to go there.

    I absolutely love the picture of Poppydog looking at the cathedral!

    It is certainly looking like a good summer is on the way. ENJOY!


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