From St David’s to Caerfai Bay and Caer Bwdy Bay…

Another stunner, so to avoid the heat of walking along the lanes, we popped in the car and parked up in St David’s and walked from there to Caerfai Bay.

What a beauty! Mostly stones when we arrived but gradually more and more sand was exposed as the tide receded. Of note there was a little car park up above the beach which appeared to be free – so I think we shall probably be back as it looked a fabulous little cove for a swim. The water was crystal clear and oh so blue!

As we were ill prepared and on a timer (car park), after a brief paddle to cool down we carried on along the coastal path around the next headland.

To Caer Bwdy Bay which was still mostly stoney, though you could see the sand start from above, through the clear turquoise water, again a lovely sheltered little cove, perfect for swimming and well off the beaten track.

A trek along a fairly overgrown footpath, with me high fresh green ferns to contend with took us back up to the main road and a short walk (albeit not so pleasant being roadside) back to St David’s and a very hot car!

Two thoughts of the day:

It really is swimming weather so Poppydog is just going to have to come along for the ride!

The caravan does get warm but once you open up the windows and or skylights there is enough breeze around to cool it down.

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