The beautiful little cove at St Justinians….

Another lovely sun shiny day, so after a leisurely morning, we took a walk to St Justinians. It was quite hot going as we were mostly walking down lanes through open farmland.

So our first view of St Justinians was most welcome.

St Justinians is just a couple of houses, two lifeboat stations (one old, one new) and the ruins of St Justinians Chapel.

But at the bottom of the old lifeboat station steps a tiny sheltered, little beach, with crystal clear, cool, calm water and lots of stones – perfect!

The old lifeboat station slip is used by the frequent ferry to Ramsey Island and various other boat trips, so though we had the beach to ourselves, there was plenty of activity to keep us occupied.

As it was quite a long walk here, we caught the Celtic Coaster bus back to site. This is a brilliant service, privately run, a minibus calls at all the accessible little coves, many of the main campsites and St David’s for £1.50 per trip or £3 per day hopper service and Poppydog travels for free!

Two thoughts of the day:

It would be lovely to take a trip in a boat around this coastline, with all its many coves and islands but I’m not sure that Poppydog would agree!

How lucky are we? Making this fabulous journey? Only visiting the same place more than once if we want too?

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