A walk amongst the Carns….

A little cloudy today, but quite warm as the sea breeze was just a whisper. We decided to take a tramp up through the Carns that stand on guard above the site with some fantastic aerial views of the site and the coast beyond Whitesands.

Not a very popular walk judging by how overgrown the path was in places and indeed we didn’t see anyone until we met the coastal path – what a shame as it was a lovely walk.

The coastal path is alive with wild flowers at the moment, vibrant purple heathers, pale lemon honeysuckle with tall and proud foxgloves. Yellows, pinks, purples, whites and blues all mixed with the fresh green ferns and pale seeded grasses, filling the air with fragrance and gently swaying in the breeze against the flat calm seas and calming skies.

With stunning views at every turn.

A lovely walk, ending up with a quick splash and paddle down on Porthmelgan before returning to site.

Two thoughts of the day:

We are getting quite good at shimmying over farm gates – well Ok not exactly shimmy and to be fair Poppydog just takes a flying leap through them!

It is so lovely enjoy these warm evenings and just watch the sun going down.

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