And we’re off to Porthselau Beach….

Another stunning day, though still quite windy on site, it makes for very pleasant walking. Today we ventured south of Whitesands Bay, mostly down lanes and then across fields down to Porthselau Beach.

The sea is a beautiful rich turquoise blue, that we haven’t really seen since Devon and is how it should look! The beach is a pretty little cove, accessed by a few steepish steps, with some lovely soft sand at the top, leading to a nice crescent of wet sand, interspersed with seaweed covered rocks and some lush rock pools.

As the tide continued to drop, another little cove appeared around the corner, with Whitesands Bay visible in the background, perfect for Poppydog and I to enjoy the sun or dig holes depending on our preference!

Another lovely beach and another lovely afternoon. On the way back we passed an infinity pond! Pity it was fenced off as Poppydog would have loved it!

Two thoughts of the day:

Popped into St David’s to get a bit of shopping and it really is tiny! No more than a largish village! Think we will pop in for a wander around one evening.

This site is so peaceful- no traffic, just birds and sheep – bliss!

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