Moving on to St David’s…..

Well we have had a lovely stay at Pembrey, certainly one of my favourite sites so far, with miles and miles of woodland for Poppydog to scamper around in and the beautiful beach, we have barely needed to use the car. Of course the fabulous weather has helped make this last three weeks be so special but it is time to move on.

As we were unable to get on Freshwater East site, or any other site in the area for the dates we wanted, this is one of the longer journeys we have undertaken towing, being about 70 miles. All was good until the last little bit when my sat nav decided to cut a corner out of the journey (and I hadn’t noticed it when checking against the site instructions) and firstly took me to the wrong site and then past the entrance to the right one, which was disguised as we were arriving from the wrong direction! Fortunately a nice couple helped guide me as I had to reverse up the lane in order to negotiate the rather awkward access – so all was well!

We were soon pitched and settled and after a little bit of rain (I know, what is that all about!), took a walk down to look at Whitesands Bay about a mile from the site.

Unfortunately there is a dog ban for the summer on this beach but we took a short walk along the coastal path as we enjoyed the sun doing its best to break through.

Two thoughts of the day:

How much fairer it would be if the dog ban was only between say the hours of 9am and 6pm?

Looking forward to some fab sunsets from this site as we are not surrounded by trees! Right on cue – view from caravan door!

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