Taking a few days off…

Isn’t this weather amazing? Can’t think how many times over the last few days I’ve heard conversations along the line of ‘if the weather was always like this why would you need to go abroad…’ – how true. During the spring as it was so wet I was beginning to wonder whether perhaps heading to Europe for the winter was perhaps a good idea, now I’m not so sure.

This was January…IMG_1124.JPG



And April…..img_2481

And now….

Can we really complain?

As it has been so warm, neither Poppydog or I fancied getting in the car to chase beaches, so we have contented ourselves with walks through the woods, time on the beach and in Poppydogs case – dunks in the pond. Happy Days.

Two thoughts of the day:

The pine trees overhead are creaking and groaning in this heat – it’s like there is a party of squirrels up there gnawing away on the cones!

Oh someone is frying onions – might just have to pop round!!