Hello sunshine, Hello beach….

What a beaut of a day, just sun and more sun all day. All half plans (I only make half ones so they are easily changed or abandoned!) relegated to another day and off we went to the beach instead.

This beach is so beautiful and on a day like today we could be anywhere in the world. We soon found another driftwood teepee to make our base for the day.

This beach is a driftwood collectors dream and I fear if I don’t take some with me I may regret it, also if you are into razor shells and large (4 or 5 inches) clam like ones then this too is the place for you as they litter the beach as the tide recedes.

Today there is quite a stiff breeze running along the beach, enough to keep you cool, so we did no more than go for a paddle in the warm shallows and then Poppydog kept herself busy, digging holes or chasing the ball, while I sort of relaxed in the sun – what a hectic life we have!

We made the most of day, before heading back through the woodland to site.

Two thoughts of the day:

A big marquee has gone up on part of the open ground at the centre of the park – great place for a concert?

Might wander up the hill to see the sunset tonight!

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