Poppydog does it again…

Hooray – the sun is back in town! Still a bit breezy and some cloud around but hey, we’re not complaining! Little bit breezy for a day on the beach, so we contented ourselves with a lovely walk around the park. Within minutes of being let off the lead she had found a lovely orange puddle to wallow in and now quite closely resembles a fox!

Does she care? Not a jot, I’ve no doubt it served its purpose of cooling her down! So now we have to take a detour and find a pond for her to clean up in as that is the one thing missing in this beautiful park, a lovely fresh water stream for such eventualities. Still we found a pond.

Adorned with water lilies in full flower, it was a pretty oasis nestled in amongst the woodland and you would struggle to find it by chance (thank you Mr OS). From there on in Poppydog was back on the lead to preserve the marginally cleaner, albeit much wetter version as we headed back to enjoy the evening sunshine on site.

Two thoughts of the day:

Met a lovely lady who has been motorhoming solo for 40 years (not full timing like myself but getting away 4 or 5 times a year for 3 or 4 weeks at a time) who is picking up a corgi puppy tomorrow – looking forward to meeting the pup !

Just realised it is midsummer’s day – it just seems so wrong for the nights to start drawing in yet!

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