A walk along the front at Llanelli….

A mizzly start again! But it cleared up by lunch time and even though the sky looked pretty ominous at times, it stayed dry all afternoon with the odd little glimpse of sun! We parked up at Sandy Water Park, a big Nature Reserve running alongside the sea from Llanelli to Burry Port and set off past the huge pond, in the direction of Llanelli.

Past the rugby posts which have been moved here from Stradley Park, home to Llanelli Rugby Club, where they were in use from 1872 – 2008 and saw 4605 games!

And on to Llanelli beach, not the prettiest, but with a nice thoughtful walkway along the top and no sign of any amusements!

As the tide went out the sand turned to mud, so you probably wouldn’t want to come here for a swim! After a play in the beach, we retraced our steps and continued along the walkway towards Burry Port.

Far enough to get a glimpse of Tywyn Bach beach and see that mud would be a major factor here too.

As the tide recedes, the sandbanks in the estuary become more pronounced, along with the arrival of a couple of fishermen harvesting (?) cockles and some pretty heavy black clouds over the Gower Peninsula on the other side of the river.

Not breathtaking, but a nice enough stroll.

Two thoughts of the day:

Those fishermen must know the precise amount of time they have to get vehicles on and off the sandbank.

The view across the estuary was like a colour card for Dulux paint, all shades of grey – quite impressive and not done any justice by the photo.

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