A damp day to just wander through the park at Pembrey…

A bit of a damp and mizzly day today so we decided to just stay put and enjoy what we have around us. For our afternoon walk we set off in a different direction to explore the bottom left (as you face the sea) hand corner of the park – where the kites were flying yesterday. Well on the way we found a whole area obviously dedicated to horse cross country with a random display of jumps and a nice lot of high grass – Poppydog heaven.

Off the lead she was soon tearing around the field, jumping over some of the smaller jumps and chasing low flying House Martins (I think or they could be Swallows) who I’m sure enjoy the chase as they keep coming back for more! It was quite entertaining so I took the opportunity to just sit and watch!

This park really does have everything, in the background of the above photo is the dry ski slope, with a couple of toboggan runs along side, behind us was a 9 hole pitch and putt, there is a riding stable, a miniature railway as well as archery, clay pigeon shooting and of course all the water sports on the beach. There must have been some form of competition or get together for kite karting (or whatever it is called) this weekend as there were loads of them all camped out in a section of the park. Well worth a visit if ever in the area.

I love grasses – the way they flex and move in the breeze and the soft whispering sound they make!

Two thoughts of the day:

I wonder how Poppydog would cope if I took up cycling? Would she be occupied enough to just keep up, would she still just wander off or if kept on the lead- would it end badly?

Purchased a microwave egg poacher the other day and it wasn’t particularly successful yesterday as they were way to underdone on the given timings and then I over did them! Will try again!

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