A walk along to Burry Port….

Not such a nice day today, mostly cloudy with a bit of a breeze blowing, so we decided to take a walk, instead of heading for the beach.

We headed along the coastal path behind Pembrey beach, with flat tidal marshlands in between.

It wasn’t the prettiest walk, we’ve ever done, but peaceful and pleasant enough. As we approached Burry Port, there was a pier running out across the sandy flats, with views to the end of Pembrey beach to the right and the start of Burry Point beach to the left.

Poppydog got a long awaited bit of off roading and was soon lagged, as she ran in and out of the tidal streams below the pier, chasing birds.

We continued along the path onto the beach, with a necessary dunk in the sea for Poppydog.

The beach was mostly compacted wet sand and is apparently used for kite surfing and the like, though no activity today alas. It isn’t as pretty as Pembrey round the corner as the sand is a little muddy in places.

The pier with the lighthouse on is closed for repair! So we wandered around the dry harbour, with the new lifeboat station under construction dominating the skyline.

Around to yet another large wet sand beach on the other side.

After clearing the beach of seagulls it was time to about turn and head for home.

Two thoughts of the day:

If in conversation you mention beautiful beaches, Devon and Cornwall, will always get a mention but many of the beaches here in Wales would give those in Devon and Cornwall a run for their money – the only possible downside is the lack of ‘turquoise seas’.

Why is the sea not blue? Is it because the water is so shallow that the underlying sand influences the colour? Makes sense to me.

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