Another tough day ‘living the dream’ – well someone has got to do it….

Another lovely day, dawned in paradise, as the forecast was predicting it to cloud over later (which it did!), we made an early start through the woods to the beach.

Within minutes of letting her off the lead, Poppydog had excelled herself and found the blackest, dirtiest bit of water in the whole park!

I for one am not getting close! So we took a little detour, via the one and only pond in the park for a bit of a clean up!

Before finding a spot for the rest of the day on the beach.

As this beach is so vast and the tide was way out, I like to find a little landmark, to save wandering up and down to find where you put your stuff after a dip in the sea.

This little teepee served us well, and it also gave me somewhere to dry out my clothes after darling Poppydog tipped up her drinking water all over them! I know they say that ‘a dog isn’t just for Christmas it’s for life’ But does it have to be the same dog? I’m thinking of doing a part exchange! In the meantime Poppydog is keeping busy.

At about 3, the weather started to look a bit dodgy so we headed back to site. As it turned out the sun reappeared and gave us a nice evening.

Two thoughts of the day :

Brilliant retail park in Llanelli- managed to do a bit of retail therapy this evening whilst Poppydog slept off the days activity in the boot.

This site is the nicest I’ve stayed on, both from the access to parkland and the beach and the layout, it is leafy but sunny with plenty of space. However Tintagel wins hands down when it comes to view!

3 thoughts on “Another tough day ‘living the dream’ – well someone has got to do it….

  1. Wow Claire, that’s one lucky dog. Think you’re right about Tintagel, not sure anywhere is going to have views that beat it!

    Sandra x

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