Perfect… a walk through the woods to the beach….

A lovely mostly sunny day. A perfect day for a walk through the woods to the beach, so that we did!

We took a bit of a round about walk to reach the dog friendly section of the beach, giving Poppydog plenty of a run about (mostly off lead), with a view to her being more settled in the beach! It kind of worked!

Whilst I sat and read or just enjoyed the view she furiously dug hole after hole in the sand – but it kept her busy and stopped her barking so, apart from the odd face full of sand, we got in fine!

We even went in the sea for a bit of a dip – oh yes me too! Though to get out far enough to actually swim didn’t feel like a good idea, so we just played in the warm shallows. With the sun still high, we walked back the way we came so still ended up clocking up 7.5 miles for the day – not too shabby for a day off!

Two thoughts of the day:

How weird is this, three days ago when in Swansea I bought Poppydog a new lead, yesterday afternoon on our way out, the old one broke!

At last, she is done in!

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