Today we travelled to Pembrey and wow!…..

Moving on day dawned nice and sunny and after a very short journey, 14 miles to be precise, we arrived in our new site, which will be home for the next three weeks. I booked for three weeks, not because there is necessarily loads to see in this area, but because the site is within a mile of a long beach and we thought we could have a little holiday from our long holiday! We were soon set up.

The pitch was in full sun when we arrived but I didn’t take the photo until gone 6, by which time the sun had mostly disappeared behind the trees. After setting up we set off to explore our new surroundings, the site leads straight out into Pembrey Country Park, acres and acres of woodland, dunes and open park.

Then in just under a mile, over a couple of dunes, the beach – all 8 miles of it!

The main access to the beach from the country park, has a seasonal dog ban, however we followed the signs along a bit to our right to join the beach where dogs are allowed and as is always the case, the further you walk the less people around.

Oh wow – this is home for three weeks! Beautiful white soft sand and tide permitting, a wide strip of wet sand for walking along – now I just need to find a way of keeping Poppydog entertained whilst I think about life and we’ll be sorted!

Look at this sand!

You may not get a daily blog for a while, as if the sun is shining, we’re on holiday !

Two thoughts of the day:

I so love it when a plan comes together – might even go in for a dip!

If the car won’t pull away, think seatbelt, caravan handbrake or motor mover – it was the latter this morning!

3 thoughts on “Today we travelled to Pembrey and wow!…..

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