A walk up the River Loughor…..

We have the sun back today, great for my washing but maybe a little on the warm side for the walk I had planned today!  Not wishing to go far, we drove to the next village along, Pen-clawdd, parked up and set off to walk along the River Loughor.  Having said that the river was quite a long way a way over a wide marshland.

IMG_3467With various muddy looking inlets on the way!


Though we did reach a point where we could walk along a slipway to the flowing river for Poppydog to have a bit of a cool down in the water.


I was not expecting too much from this walk, more a point of exercise for myself and Poppydog, which is just as well really as it wasn’t very interesting!  Still it was very quiet and peaceful.  With more water in evidence on the way back, with the incoming tide.

IMG_3473When we returned to site, I finished colouring in my map – and it looks like we have done a pretty good job of our time here on the Gower Peninsula!


Two thoughts of the day:

When my instinct tells me a walk is not likely to be interesting – I should follow it!

It has taken me forever – and like many things in the end turned out to be really simple, but I have solved the issue of having used up most of my blogs available data on photos, by removing earlier blogs and photos to another site – effectively creating an archive


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