The Mumbles and others…..

Cloudy but dry and warm – we can live with that. We set off a bit earlier than normal as we have a few beaches on our agenda today and soon found parking in Langland, with Langland Bay our first port of call.

Very pretty it was, even though it was nearing high tide and we would have stayed longer but there was a summer dog ban – what a waste! We walked along the coastal path, headed towards Swansea and soon came across another little Bay – Rotherslade Bay (dog ban!).

Around the next bend in the path The Mumbles with its National Coastwatch centre came into view (albeit it isn’t the clearest of days).

Tucked in just before this headland is Limeslade Bay, a small sandy strip only exposed at low tide, so not visible to us today. Just beyond this headland is the pretty little Bracelet Bay, which when the tide is out, is a beautiful sandy stretch running between whether headland and Middle Head seen here as the first island.

On Mumbles Head is the Lighthouse built in 1794 and visible from any point on the 5 mile sweep of Swansea Bay.

More of Bracelet Bay was exposed on the Swansea Bay side of Mumbles Head.

There is s pretty little pier (closed for refurbishment as so many of them seem to be!), with the Ligeboat Station perched on the end.

The coastal path continues along the shoreline all the way around the bay with a peppering of cafes along the way.

As you leave the Mumbles behind and enter Oystermouth, with a row of painted regency properties looking out across the bay and a busy little High Street all overlooked by the castle you really are in a very different place to Swansea.

At the castle, we left the seafront and ambled up for a closer look.

From here we cut up and over, through the streets to where we hade left the car. As we just have one more beach to see here, which is Caswell Bay, the next beach along heading north, we cheated and popped there in the car.

Very nice too, but again under a summer dog ban so we declined to stay and headed back to site.

Two thoughts of the day:

Now, I do get the need for seasonal dog bans on some beaches, but as you saw from the photos these beaches were all deserted! Why not operate a school holiday and weekend ban instead and let us dog walkers enjoy the beaches during the week?

Vegetable crisps are so moorish!

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