A day out in Swansea….

A little bit cloudy today but still warm and dry. We decided to venture into Swansea today, mainly because I needed to call into Curry’s on the way back, as my MacBook charger seems to have given up the ghost!

We found a cheeky bit of free parking down a residential street near the seafront and joined the coastal path that follows the shoreline all the way into the city centre. When we crossed over the embankment that separates the main road from the beach – what a surprise to find a lovely sandy beach.

Beach as far as the eye could see in either direction. Though most of the stretch heading into Swansea was under a summer dog ban, it was very pleasant walking along the wide walkway looking out on the beach and sea.

Halfway along this random building (still not sure what it was) took my eye.

At the end of the beach we followed the walkway around the inlet to the Marina, where there was quite a mix of craft, from shiny new Superyachts to a rusty old lighthouse boat.

As we were so close, we wandered into the centre of Swansea – but heh we don’t do cities – there are a lot of medium rise apartment blocks along the seafront and around the marina, a relatively new shopping centre and an older part of town that seems to be dedicated to bars and eateries (probably on the back of the Uni), a not too impressive castle and millions of pigeons!

Ah well, we came, we saw, we left! Back along the seafront.

Two thoughts of the day:

Well we went to Curry’s on the way home and after a bit of persistence and sulking on my part, eventually a new charger was found (having been told by two different members of staff that they didn’t have any!). Even though it was still under warranty (with Curry’s), I would have had to send both the charger and MacBook back to Apple!, so I had to pay for the new charger. However, when I got back and tried it out – it still didn’t work! Fortunately googling the problem came up with the suggestion of resetting the SMC? Simple instructions and hey presto it is working again! My thought – don’t give up!

On the same retail park as Curry’s was a M&S Foodhall – those who know me well, will know the significance of that!

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