Pwlldu Bay was positively tropical….

The sun was back today and what a cracker of a day! We headed back to the National Trust car park at Southgate and today we ventured south along the coastal path. Across Deep Slade and past Bacon Hole!

And then, without any hint of what was to come, we ventured down through a woody glade to the beach of Pwlldu and wow! This beach is stunning!

A layer of white, sea rounded pebbles, beautiful fine pale yellow sand and more firm damp sand as the tide recedes, surrounded by lush green hills – what more do you need?

Well it was just too fine to move on – so we didn’t! I just sat and enjoyed. Poppydog meanwhile, who of course doesn’t just sit and enjoy, happily chased, buried, dug up and generally skittered around with those sea rounded pebbles – so two happy bunnies.

All too soon it was time to head back up through the woods – with just a little backwards glimpse.

Two thoughts of the day:

Today and our time on Pwlldu will take some beating.

How many beaches have we visited so far? I don’t know!! But will work it out soon.

3 thoughts on “Pwlldu Bay was positively tropical….

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