Overtaken by a cow on the way back from Port Eynon!….

Another stunning day in paradise so we took a trip down memory lane to Port Eynon.  As a family, we had a caravan holiday in Port Eynon, not that I remember it well, as I would probably only have been 8 or 9 at the time, so a few years ago!  Mind you I take my hat off to you Dad for negotiating all the little lanes and the village itself to get there with the caravan – I certainly won’t be doing it any time soon!



Once we had parked up and I had checked that the campsite would have been the one that we stayed in 40 + years ago, we set off for a walk.  Unfortunately, though dog friendly the main beach was way too busy for us!


IMG_3357.JPGSo we wandered along the coastal path, heading north, passing the old Salthouse ruins on the way.



And then at Port Eynon Point we found our own secret cove, with enough sand to keep me happy and enough Poppydog sized pebbles to keep her happy and apart from some rockpoolers we had it to ourselves!

Later we had a little wander around the village, to see if I could remember anything else, but no I only remember the site and playing for hours on the beach and maybe catching some shrimps in the rock pools and then leaving them in a bucket out side the caravan in the sun – oh yes they were well and truly cooked!


The pretty little church has a lovely memorial to some of the lifeboat crew who lost their lives whilst attempting a rescue on New Years Day back in 1916.


On the way back to site, courtesy of Google Maps, we were navigating a particularly narrow bit of road, with a motorhome and few cars in front and a few more cars behind, when we also had to negotiate around a few cattle, who were apparently using the same Sat Nav!


I was lucky, as we ground to a halt, I anticipated that the ones we had got past would carry on regardless, so pulled over to the other side of the road to let them pass, the car behind me wasn’t so and ended up with a good old dent and something metallic hanging off the back!


This time we did travel back over the moorlands, I spoke of yesterday (still don’t appear to have a name!) and pulled off to take these panoramic photos, firstly towards Llanrhidian Marsh and Pembrokeshire and secondly down to Oxwich Bay and Devon? beyond.


Two thoughts of the day:

Now the Devon and Cornwall single track lanes are notorious, but here in the Gower, they are designed to catch you out, one minute they are wide enough to land an aeroplane and the next they are hugging the contours of your vehicle!

On the same subject – that is “roads” – you do not need any higher gear than fourth as all roads are either too narrow for you to exceed 30 and the rest are restricted to 20, 30 or 40 because of all the livestock wandering around!

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