Rhossili and it’s fabulous seascapes….

Hooray! A lovely sun shiny day, just for us. Today we parked up at Rhossili after crossing some lovely downs with spectacular views (was intending to stop off on the way back but different Sat Nav, different journey!). It was not surprisingly very busy, so we will come back when it is a bit quieter next week to do the village and beach, and instead we walked out to Kitchen Corner? to enjoy the amazing views – back across Rhossili Bay (with Hillend and Burry Holms in the distance).


Out to Worms Head, with its archway just visible.

We then decided to continue along the coastal path, to see where it would take us and wow!

Round the corner were two fabulous sandy coves at the bottom of some rather spectacular (and steep!) cliffs. Fall Bay was the first one we encountered.

Then we spotted this little beauty, which was very small and probably only accessible from the neighbouring beach at low tide if at all.


And then over the next headland was Mewslade Bay.


I’m afraid we didn’t drop down into either of them, as they both appeared to be quite a scramble, but enjoyed our bird’s eye view of them, all the same.


By this point we had walked enough in the heat of the sun, so we chilled for a while savouring our view and the peace, Poppydog rolled around in the shade of some ferns to cool down, before wandering back the way we came.

Two thoughts of the day:

At last! The risk of getting mown down on the way to the shower block appears to be diminishing!

After the dog food took an unexpected journey to Cornwall, we went to a very helpful and well stocked Pet and Garden supplies shop just down the road from here, to get some emergency rations. Got chatting to the couple who own the business, who are planning to travel full time, as I am – so good luck to them and get on with it as soon as you can! Williams Pet and Garden Supplies – the shop with no name!

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