Hillend to Burry Holms and beyond……

Another damp start to the day and though it wasn’t great and visibility a bit misty it did atleast dry up for the afternoon, so we headed off to Hillend which is about halfway down Rhossili Bay. In spite of the mist the beach was quite busy around Hillend as there is a campsite, static caravan site as well as a car park at this point but we headed off up the beach towards Burry Holmes and were soon beyond the masses!

At low tide (which it was) there is a narrow sand pathway between Burry Holms and the Spaniard Rocks on the mainland which leads you to this lovely little Cat Hole cove.

We had the cove to ourselves for awhile and were able to make footprints in the sand before anyone else and Poppydog could enjoy some off lead time.

We then clambered up onto the dunes above where we got a better view of the little cove.

And then followed the path round to Bluepool Corner beach (again only exposed at low tide). The ‘Bluepool’ is a natural plunge pool on the right of the beach, part way up the rockface – from our vantage point we could see children jumping, but not the actual pool.

From here we continued over the dunes to rejoin the Llangennith end of Rhossili Bay, looking across the vast stretch of exposed sand towards Worms Head which still remained capped in mist.

One magnificent bay and two perfect little coves – what a win. Ok so some sunshine would have made it perfect!

Two thoughts of the day:

Fabulous beaches today but they didn’t have any soft white sand!

Am reading the most random book ‘Something of the Night’ – most of it is complete waffle but somehow quite entertaining!

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