Llangennith a step too far from the beach….

A bit of a damp start again, but it cleared up around midday with the sun making an appearance and it is still so lovely and warm. We had to hang around for awhile today, waiting for Poppydog’s food to be delivered or not as the case turned out to be! After loitering around reception (the site staff are not supposed to sign for guest deliveries) for half an hour of our hour delivery slot we got a phone call from my sister-in-law to say that they had tried to deliver the food to Cornwall!

So without further ado we set off for Llangennith which turned out to be a tiny little hamlet overlooking Llangennith Bay (the far end of Rhossili Bay). Parking in the village was not an option so we returned back up onto the hill above and taking in the fantastic views, set off from there.

Through the hamlet of Llangennith with its pretty church and cottages.

And on down the valley.

It was a bit further than we thought (about 3 miles so far) so once we reached the sand dunes, I’m afraid we decided to turn back! On a positive note, there was a little parking area tucked away at the edge of the dunes – so we will be back!

Two thoughts of the day:

Just watched bits of BGT – is it me or are some of them beyond weird?

Also how is it Britain’s Got Talent when they aren’t from Britain?

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