Killing time at Killay Marsh Nature Reserve……

Rather a damp one today, started with some pretty heavy (well noisy anyway!) rain at about 2am and then fairly light rain on and off most of the day! So we decided not to visit any beaches and find a walk close to site. Killay Marsh Nature Reserve, sounded like a plan, with Route 4 running all the way through, meaning that it would be tarmac and reasonable level, so off we went.

Indeed it was a pleasant enough walk, albeit not the most thrilling, as it was literally mile after mile of tree lined pathway! I have no doubt that there was marshland somewhere but we didn’t see it! You could of course meander off onto other pathways, but these seemed to mostly be for serious off road cycling and I’ve had one close encounter with a cyclist this week!

Anyhow we pressed on until we’d had our quota of walking and fresh air before turning round and walking back again.

Two thoughts of the day:

Even though my adventure is mostly planned around the coastline, I do enjoy the odd foray into the countryside, but so far have not found this area very appealing!

Is it time for the children to go back to school yet? There are considerably less caravans on site but seem to be more little bods aimlessly belting around on their bikes and scooters!

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