At the other end of Whiteford Sands we have Broughton Bay….

Another lovely day, maybe a bit more cloud in the sky but easily as warm, so as we are on a roll off we went. We parked in the same place as yesterday and walked over the dunes down to the beach. The footpath joins the beach at Hills Tor which as far as I can make out is the dividing line between Whiteford and Broughton, so today we went left or south of you prefer and enjoyed Broughton Bay.

As there is another car park and a couple of caravan sites at the Broughton end there were a few more people around but we still enjoyed a lovely paddle all the way along the shoreline to where the beach ran out (we didn’t quite make it in time to nip around the headland to the next bay). Looking back from the sea with Prisson’s and Hills Tor exposing rock amongst the dunes and soft white sand – beautiful!

The incoming tide very quickly makes its presence known so we paddled back towards the white sand, where Poppydog attempted to burrow her way towards Oz, whilst I enjoyed sitting in the sun, in the soft sand, watching the world go by and flicking the freshly excavated sand out of my face!

Back on site this evening the sun was an amazing orange globe through the trees, so Poppydog and I went for a closer look – not the best backdrop with the electricity pylons but you get the idea!

Two thoughts of the day:

Think I might take a sneaky day back at Whiteford Sands just to sit on the beach, rather than walking around the headland later on.

The smell of BBQ’s on site tonight was outrageous! Still a lot of faff for one though!

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