Whiteford Sands and Burrows a stunning start to the Gower…..

A beautiful sun shiny day and lovely and warm from the off- how rare for a Bank Holiday? We thought we would try and find somewhere a bit out of the way to avoid the crowds and what a success! We parked up in Llanmadoc with it’s pretty little church, perched high up above the Whiteford Sands and Burrows.

We followed the coastal path through the dunes.

Up over the last dunes and wow look at this.

Beautiful soft white sand, followed by acres of yellow damp sand (better for walking on) and in the distance is that sea blue?

Well almost, a bit sandy in the shallows but it was warm – seriously warm, so we walked all the way along in the shallows.

There were very few people around apart from a small group of cockle farmers (or whatever you call them) and the odd couple walking as we walked towards Whitehead Point and it’s Lighthouse.

At the far end of the beach we sat awhile (well I did!) and enjoyed the sunshine and distant views of the beaches over the inlet in Pembrokeshire.

Eventually we carried on around the Point and were treated to views up the estuary, more sand and marshland (bright with yellow irises).

Then it was time to head back through the dunes and enjoyed a forest walk back.

A stunning walk and beautiful day out!

Two thoughts of the day:

I got totally taken out by a small child on a bike this morning, from behind so I didn’t see it coming! Much as it is nice for them to have the freedom to roam around the site, they should learn to watch where they are going first!

Just seen the freak rainfall in the Midlands yesterday – how awful!

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