Kenfig and Rest Bay both beautiful stretches of sand….

Today was cloudy but mostly dry, so to make the most of our last one in the Vale of Glamorgan, we took an early start and headed for Kenfig Nature Reserve. The reserve is some 1300 acres of dunes and marshlands and leads to the long sandy stretch of beach known as Sker Beach. We followed one of the many trails towards the beach with just birdsong for company.

As this section of the beach was quite busy with dog walkers we decided to head south along the coastal path to take a look at Rest Bay with the tide out and what a joy to find the first section of this beach completely empty, beyond on the main section you could see quite a few surfers chancing the waves.

Anyway not ones to miss the opportunity of an empty beach, Poppydog was like a whippet off starting blocks once I let her go and then happily ran around, occasionally allowing me to throw the ball for her. Though the sun wasn’t out it was quite warm enough for me to wander around in just a T-shirt and sit for awhile whilst Poppydog played in the rock pools.

From here we returned to Sker Beach, which stretches on for miles with the ominous chimneys of Port Talbot in the distance.

Once we had walked a considerable way along the beach we headed in back through the dunes in the rough direction of the car park, encountering some seriously wet ‘wetlands’ on the way!

Guess what? The wellies I bought in February are leaking already- Grrrrr!!!!Briar wellies – don’t bother! So we squelched past Kenfig Pool (though we thought the yellow irises were pretty) all the way back to the car.

Two thoughts of the day:

Well we have experienced some massive expanses of virtually deserted beaches in the Vale of Glamorgan – we like!

The site is full for the bank holiday and Poppydog is beside herself with excitement – I have closed most of the blinds to stop her jumping from sofa to sofa to see what’s going on!

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