Barry in the rain…..

Well it started raining at about 9am and stopped about 5.30 pm – still we’re on a schedule (only 2 days left here) so as we planned to visit Barry today, we did. Aside from getting wet, but once you are it doesn’t really matter, I think it worked in our favour as the place was deserted! We parked up in Porthkerry Country Park, a fabulous mature parkland at the western end of Barry and home to the amazing Porthkerry Viaduct.

From here the tide was still far enough out for us to walk across the mostly pebble beach to The Knap (headland).

Along the esplanade past the swans happily gliding across the large pond totally unperturbed by the rain!

The Knap then gives way to the pretty, sandy Watch House Bay, revealed at low tide outside the old harbour wall – I’m afraid the greatness of the day and falling rain does not do any of the following beach photos justice.

Here the tide was low enough for us to cut across to Little Island and Friars Point, but instead we walked the long way round the inner harbour, which to be fair was more mud and slime than sand and not very attractive at all (and a wee bit smelly!).

From here we crossed Little Island to Barry Island (no longer an actual island) to the stunning Whitmore Bay (seasonal dog ban) with its impeccably combed sand! Here too were all the arcades (Gavin and Stacy?) and typical sea side shops and famously Marco’s Cafe – we even bought a bag of hot donuts in support of the local community!

Energised by our (my) little sugar rush, we continued our walk around Nell’s Point, looking back over Whitmore Bay, past the Lookout Station and the lighthouse signaling the entrance to Barry Docks.

And found this little gem – Jackson’s Bay, dog friendly and all to ourselves!

Well that was a 4 mile revelation just got to trudge all the way back again! Hey Ho!

Two thoughts of the day:

Tents seem to come in two sizes – tiny or marquee size!

The best thing about wearing shorts – they don’t take so long to dry out!

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