From Lavernock Point to Cardiff Bay…..

The day started grey and by lunchtime, yes it was raining and continued through most of the afternoon – so we had a bit of a damp excursion out today. We drove to Lavernock Point, parking up outside the little church (also the site of the first radio transmission across the sea to Flat Holm Island) and joining the coastal path at the point. Incidentally, a line from the Point across to Sand Point in Somerset marks the end of the Severn Estuary and the start of the Bristol Chanel – oh I am going to be so good at Pub Quizes!

The path from here, runs along the cliff top but mostly behind a hedge of hawthorn, so just brief glimpses of Lavernock Bay and in the distance Penarth.

The tide was high and apparently both beaches do have exposed sand as the tides recede, though I’m not sure that either would compete with Porthcawl’s display.

The path soon came out into a grassy strip of parkland, bordered by some large houses with fabulous sea views (mind you the sea is pretty brown here) as we wondered down onto the esplanade at Penarth.

The coastal path took us up and over Penarth Head with a pretty amazing viewing point (on a clear day that is – which it most definitely is not!).

And down the other side, past the impressive Custom’s House (which is now a restaurant) to the Cardiff Bay Barrage.

We walked across the Barrage to the Cardiff side where they are getting ready to host the Volvo Ocean Cardiff Race Stopover (Round the world yacht race) with Marquees going up all over – but could we get a cup of tea?

On a clear day the walk across gives a lovely view of Cardiff and with pleasure powerboats and other craft in the bay it must be quite a spectacle – we enjoyed it even on this dull day.

Yes that was a lump of coal (in the name of art?). On the way back we were lucky enough to watch a Catamaran going through the bridge and lock system on its way back out to sea.

It was a 9 mile round trip, so I for one am done!

Two thoughts of the day:

This would have been a very different experience in the sun! Just saying.

It’s raining again now – let’s hope that gets it out of the system for a while.

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