Porthcawl and it’s lovely beaches….

At the risk of sounding boring, it was another stunning day and so after doing the laundry we were off out to explore. Today we went to the far side of Merthyr Mawr and parked up in the little village of Newton, just on the outskirts of Porthcawl. Our first look at the sea was back along Merthyr Mawr Sands which just carry on and on, with pristine soft white sand and grass covered dunes as a backdrop.

We then walked round Newton Point to Trecco Bay, a pretty Cove with a mix of sand and stone, though more sand gets exposed as the tide drops. This beach has a dog ban but we were able to walk along the promenade, with a huge holiday park running alongside the promenade. At the end of the beach was a small headland and a series of soft sand dunes leading on to Sandy Bay (dog ban), a lovely sandy crescent, this time backed by some hideous arcades and cheap seaside shops, but shut them out and look how pretty?

Still it goes on, around Porthcawl Point are two more coves but they appeared to be mostly bedrock (one was closed for refurb?).

We continued beyond Hutchwyns Point and walked along Lock’s Common to take a look at Rest Bay beyond.

This is a long stretch of sandy beach popular with surfers, though the above photo was taken just after high tide. Well if you live in or near Porthcawl you have plenty of choices beach wise and even during the main holidays I reckon you could still find some tranquility if you were prepared to make an effort to get there!

On the way back, we stopped off at the Newton end of Merthyr Mawr beach for a well earned dip (for Poppydog- I am still to be tempted!) – a long and warm walk but well worth it!

Two thoughts of the day:

The sea is still not properly blue here – I wonder where that will happen?

I wonder if Poppydog realises how well travelled she is?

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