Merthyr Mawr – small but perfectly formed and located….

Another fabulous day – we are certainly getting a May to remember! And today’s walk was a complete delight, with a little taste of everything that this journey is about. We parked up in a lay-by just outside Ogmore and set off across open fields, crossing the river, with a view of the ruins of Ogmore Castle in the distance.

We then happened upon the little hamlet of Merthyr Mawr, a thatched leafy delight.

Our walk continued along a tree lined lane until we reached the Warren, a huge area of sand dunes criss crossed with footpaths and horse exercising paths. This section was quite heavy going as the footpaths were deep soft sand, most of which ended up in my boots!

The path then left the dunes and followed the wide river valley until we reached the sea. We were now on the opposite side of the river to where we were yesterday at Ogmore-by-sea.

Round the corner and wow what an amazing stretch of lovely beach and pretty much deserted.

After a cool down in the river, Poppydog was happy to chase stones, which meant I could just sit and enjoy the sunshine! Hey so my life is tough but I manage! The return journey included another swim in the river for Poppydog and a better look at the castle.

What a lovely walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

It definitely pays visiting beaches that are difficult to access.

Does Fry’s Turkish Delight count as one of your five a day?

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