Ogmore-by-sea – a delight and more to come….

A lovely, slightly hazy, sun shiny day – whopee! Off we went to Southerndown a small village sitting just above Dunraven Bay. Now I am aware that Dunraven is not a dog friendly beach but we must not discriminate on this adventure of ours so we walked along the cliff path to take a look.

The tide was quite high, so we took another look on the way back and sure enough a pretty sandy bay was emerging.

We then walked along the top of the cliffs to Ogmore-by-sea, a very pleasant grassy top, shared with grazing sheep, amazing views and sunshine.

All along the shoreline were little coves, mostly a mix of rock bed and stones, but as the tide continued to go out, more sand was exposed – would be good to see it at low tide. In the distance the dunes and sandy bay of Merthyr Mawr tempt us for another day.

We enjoyed a break and a much needed cool down for Poppydog in one of the little coves – Gwen Beach.

A lovely stretch of coastline and a lovely walk.

Two thoughts of the day:

We are enjoying this beautiful coastline and peaceful coastal walks.

How wonderful was the royal wedding? Certainly the weather and setting was perfect and it felt like a really happy occasion – good luck to them,

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