Limpert Bay to Watch House Beach…..

The weather continues to be absolutely gorgeous from dawn till dusk. After a couple of days off, due to Poppydog having hurt the pads on her feet (I think on the barnacle covered rock bed at Monknash) and mincing around like a dressage pony we were ready to explore some more. We set off for Limpert Bay, where there is a small free car park right down by the beach which also happens to be right next to the Power Station! The tide was still quite high as we set off and the first part of the walk is alongside the power station so you are sandwiched between the seawall and the high fencing of the Power Station – not the nicest then!

After about a mile you leave the Station behind and the footpath is bordered by the Aberthaw Biodiversity Park and the tidal ponds and stony beach of the Leys.

We wandered around the ponds for awhile, giving a Poppydog a chance to cool off in the water before pressing on a little further to Watch House Beach. This too was mostly stony and very difficult to walk on though in the middle of more ponds lies a raised area of sandy, almost like a random sand dune, on which quite a few people were enjoying the sunshine and cooling dips in the ponds.

As the walking was fairly tough going, we decided not to push our luck, so after spending a bit of time in the sand we made the return journey to find the tide out at Limpert Bay but no sand and really a fairly unattractive beach!

Two thoughts of the day:

The site has emptied out again so Poppydog can relax for the first time since Friday! No kids No football!

I have just realised that I have already used 78% of the media space on this blog and we are only 7 months in! A bit of a dilemma!

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