From Monknash beach to Wick beach….

Today was a fine day, very fine indeed! It started out with a thin layer of cloud and was a bit like that down on the beach, but back on site (only about 3 miles inland) well it was a corker.

So we drove down to Monknash again, with the idea of wandering along the beach westwards towards Wick and so we did.

Down through the woodlands.

And onto the stony beach, taking the gamble that beyond the rocks lay a sandy beach.

Indeed it did – wow! Lots and lots of mostly deserted sand, almost as far as the eye could see.

A few decent sized rock pools for Poppydog to cool down in and she happily chased the ball from one end to the other.

As the tide continued to go out, you could just make out the line of the exposed sandbank and a definite outline of Exmoor above the coastline.

With the tide almost fully out we were easily able to cross Whitmore Steps (a series of layered rock bed, running out to sea, which at some point would have been a rocky headland, forming part of the cliff) onto Wick beach.

Now Wick is apparently an unofficial naturist beach as it is so inaccessible from above and indeed there were a few hardy souls baring their all in amongst the ledges of the Steps, so we kept a respectful distance! As to accessibility well, there was no way I was going to attempt these two vertical ladders, especially as I would have had to carry Poppydog!

So instead of walking back along the coastal path, as per the original plan, we opted for the much more gentle stroll (well for me atleast as Poppydog doesn’t do gentle anything!) back the way we came.

Just a lone angler in the distance shared our space.

Before we left the beach, Poppydog had the opportunity for a nice cool down in the stream flowing over the flatbed rocks, which had formed a very gentle waterfall.

Back on site, a lovely sit in the sunshine- well you have got to make the most of it!

Two thoughts of the day:

Please stay like this until at least October?

I wonder if many people make the effort to enjoy these beaches in the summer holidays as they are quite difficult to access and at least a mile or so from any possible parking?

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