Monknash and Marcross…..

Oh no! It was raining when we got up this morning! What is that all about? Fortunately by late morning it had dried up and just now the sun has popped out to say hello! Any how took the opportunity of catching up on some computer work (sorting photos and updating my expenses spreadsheet!), before heading out a little later than usual on one of the Vale of Glamorgan recommended walks. We drove the short distance to Monknash and parked in a lay-by opposite the little church.

Following the road down through the hamlet of Monknash to join the wooded footpath down to the sea.

The entrance to Cwm Nash beach is stony to start with and then opens out onto smooth rock with a wide golden beach at low tide, all back with sheer stepped rocky cliffs.

A steep climb back up onto the cliff top, as we followed the coastal path back towards Nash Point soon revealed a similar beach continuing along below.

The beautiful curved flat rock bed leading onto some pristine and deserted sand, which we will be back to explore another day. With the Nash Sands sandbank clearly visible as a line across the sea.

Again here at Nash Point the access is stony, but just around the headland lots of sand. You can clearly see the Nash Sands sandbank exposed above the sea (must come back at low tide to see the full extent, but it is apparently up to half a mile wide and ten miles long!), marked at this end by a warning bell buoy.

From here it was a pretty wander through an enchanted woodland, crossing the small brook four times on stepping stones as we made our way up the valley to Marcross.

Marcross is not much more than a few houses and this pretty little church, surrounded by agricultural land.

The final stretch of this circular walk was along a field lined lane back to Monknash.

Two thoughts of the day:

How rubbish are the ads on TV? Didn’t realise they were so corny and irritating as I haven’t watched live TV, for years until now!!!

Some evenings Poppydog could surely be named ‘Windydog’!!! Not pleasant sharing a sofa!

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